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Inventories in the modern enterprise


After the training, we enable you to benefit from additional consultations, issues related to the topic of the training. It will allow participants to consult in practice problems encountered in the company. Regardless of the discussions held during classes - there willl be a free consultation with the coach to discuss the application of selected solutions. The consultation will last for one academic hour.

After the training, we enable you to use the paid audit concerning the subject of training or any other. 



The aim of the training is to prepare employees of the company to effectively prepare and conduct the inventory process.


Participant profile

This course is for people who will carry out or supervise the conduct of the process inventory.



Expected results:

  • increase knowledge of the goals and methods of conducting the inventory,
  • gain knowledge of techniques used to conduct physical inventory,
  • learning the basic mistakes in the conduct of inventory and methods of avoiding them,
  • a significant increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of inventory,
  • Practical exercises enable participants to acquire relevant experience.



  1. The essence of inventory and its fundamental objectives.
  2. The legal basis for conducting an inventory.
  3. Inventory and physical inventory.
  4. Types and kinds of inventory:
  • planned and unplanned inventories,
  • periodic inventories,
  • continuous inventories.
  1. The selection of terms carrying the inventory.
  2. Periodicity of conducting an inventory.
  3. The preparation of the inventory area (in example magazine):
  • stopping warehouse operations,
  • special cases (procedure).
  1. Inventory personnel training:
  • supervising committees,
  • counting committees,
  • control commissions,
  • training of personnel.
  1. Inventory documentation:
  • census sheets,
  • control sheets,
  • inventory accounting.
  1. Methods of inventory:
  • the traditional method (physical counting of assets),
  • method with the use of electronic devices (barcode, barcode readers, RFID)
  • other methods of counting.
  1. Stages of carrying inventory:
  • improper preparation of inventory area,
  • incorrect selection of inventory participants,
  • suggested amounts,
  • incorrect counting.
  1. The result of inventory and accounting dependence:
  • inventory compatibility,
  • excess inventory,
  • lack of inventory,
  • reclassification of assets.
  1. Additional information:
  • additional steps in the process of inventory,
  • inventory verification by auditing institutions,
  • indicators of inventory (volume and value).



  Schedule   Day 1  
  Registration of participants   9:45 - 10:00  
  Training   10:00 - 11:00  
  Break   11:00 - 11:15  
  Training   11:15 - 13:00  
  Lunch break   13:00 - 13:45  
  Training   13:45 - 15:00  
  Break   15:00 - 15:10  
  Training   15:10 - 17:00  

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