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Academy of Effective Negotiator



Participant profile

  • persons who are negotiating business contacts and are responsible for implementing the company's business goals.
  • people who participate in establishing cooperation, cooperation, negotiation and renegotiation of contracts for the sale, purchase, production cooperation, etc.,
  • all persons interested in the subject of negotiations and their practical application in everyday situations as a client / consumer, employee / employer.



  • to learn advanced negotiation techniques, they learn to deal with non-standard "licks" negotiators,
  • ability to adapt their way of communication and persuasion so that the position was perceived by the other party, as the most satisfying,
  • knowledge of the most relevant typology negotiators, used by the most effective negotiators and mediators, resulting in flexibility in choosing negotiation techniques,
  • learning a set of practical principles of creating efficiency in situations with difficult clients.
  • ability to manage the unconscious system assessments during the negotiations.



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The thematic scope of Academy it has been prepared by our consultants based on information obtained from customers, survey after the training and knowledge of experts-practitioners, business psychologists with experience in self-presentation, customer service, influencing and negotiation. Every according to individual needs can turn selected training at the Academy for that which corresponds to the nature of work on the occupied position. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our consultants.

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