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Excel in logistics - how to reduce data preparation time and improve the efficiency of logistics analysis


After the first day of training we enable you to benefit from additional consultations and issues related to the topic of the training,for FREE. This will allow participants to consult problems encountered in practice in the company and get expert to show how to solve them, and also to point out the practical application of training and coach experience. The consultation will last for one academic hour. Regardless of the discussions held during classes - after they is offered free contact with the coach to discuss the applications selected solutions.
Once completed training we enable to you benefit of using paid audit conducted in an appropriate location for him, on the subject of training or other additional subjects. This will allow you to validate, submit a proposal to implement improvements, rationalization and improvement of efficiency of processes.



The main goal of the training is to provide for people working in the logistics department practical tools useful in everyday work. These tools will show you how to enter data, to obtain more information, and hence improve the effectiveness of tasks. Participants will learn how to use the opportunities offered by the MS Excel, to speed up the preparation and analysis of data, as well as how to count and analyze performance indicators and the cost of using an Excel spreadsheet.


Participant profile

People working and managing logistics departments that want to optimize the timing of the preparation process analysis and logistics costs.



Acquiring skills:

  • the use of the most needed formulas and functions available in Excel,
  • repeatedly to build complex formulas, which enables a more accurate analysis of the data,
  • rapid analysis of large data sets and draw from them the appropriate conclusions,
  • construction of subordinates reporting systems and reports to superiors.


Training methods

The training workshop is conducted by using analysis applications and templates - participants, working on computers / laptops (you can use your own equipment), solve practical tasks associated with MS Excel. Classes are held on laptops equipped with MS Excel 2010.



Day I

  1. Economic analysis of logistics processes - building measures using the Excel spreadsheet - mathematical functions, logical, text, date, statistical, creation and use of names in formulas:
  • analysis of the size, dynamics and structure of the purchase,
  • the impact of purchase prices for operating expenses,
  • analysis of the size and structure of inventories,
  • inventory productivity indicators,
  • analysis of the suitability and completeness of inventories,
  • analysis of logistics costs
  • lost sales analysis,
  • the impact on the profitability of logistics processes.

Day II

  1. Analysis of the behavior of the meters of logistics in time - dynamic analysis of data using pivot table - principles of construction and operation of the PivotTable:
  • analysis of large databases using PivotTable
  • comparing the indicators over time and indicators of industry,
  • conclusions from the behavior of indicators,
  • what can affect on the distortion conclusions?
  1. How to build a reporting system for subordinates:
    • making sample logistics reports - data list to choose from, password and data protection in a spreadsheet, links to external data, macros, file sharing for network operation.
  2. How to report your supervisor about the results of the work of logistics - the construction of the sample reports. Examples of logistics reports - budget and operational - using conditional formatting rules:
  • current reports
  • aggregate reports,
  • Exception reports,
  • Graphic shot of data in the reports.



  Schedule   Day 1   Day 2  
  Registration of participants   9:45 - 10:00      
  Classes   10:00 - 11:00   9:00 - 11:00  
  Coffee Break   11:00 - 11:15   11:00 - 11:15  
  Classes   11:15 - 13:00   11:15 - 13:00  
  Lunch Break   13:00 - 13:45   13:00 - 13:45  
  Classes   13:45 - 15:00   13:45 - 15:00  
  Coffee Break   15:00 - 15:10   15:00 - 15:10  
  Classes   15:10 - 17:00   15:10 - 16:00  

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